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Email Marketing

Do you want to reach existing customers with a special offer? Email programs are a cost-effective way to do just that. And when you combine a great offer with a great presentation and a well-thought-out strategy you’ll be amazed with the results. But don’t just limit your efforts to existing and past customers. Total Advertising can help you reach new customers and new markets with over 10,000,000 email addresses at our disposal. We can fine-tune and customize a list to any campaign needs. Want to email females living in the US 25-54 that have children, own a pick-up truck and earn over $50,000? We can do that (In fact we have – there are 4,842,927 of these ladies in our national database).

A successful email campaign doesn’t end when we hit send. Our analytical tools will shed light on the hot spots and illuminate areas for retargeting and follow up strategies that will really take your webvertising solutions to the next level.

Email Marketing Services with Edison Insight