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Allygent Health, LLC Logo



Creating a logo for a new company isn’t an easy task. It takes research, brainstorming and a lot of paper to sketch out something that represents the company or business and matches their mission and vision. Allygent Health, LLC is a new corporation that handles the back and forth between a patient and all aspects of the healthcare industry including the insurance companies, hospitals and providers. Allygent’s name itself comes from a combination of the words “ally” and “agent.” This symbolizes that they are not only your agent and work for you, but your ally and work on your behalf and do what is in your best interest. The logo design illustrates an Oxpecker bird and a Rhino. In this situation, the healthcare industry is the Rhino—a large and sometimes scary thing that a person doesn’t know much about. The bird represents Allygent—your ally against the healthcare industry. Allygent’s goal is to make patient’s lives easier by being their communicator between the sometimes difficult to deal with insurance companies and other healthcare entities. Coming soon will be a custom, fully responsive website designed by the Total team, so stay tuned!

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