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How To Use Reels In Your Marketing Strategy

January 16, 2023

The content for Reels can vary for each unique company and industry. You can focus on promoting products or services, educating your target audience, sharing relatable behind-the-scenes footage, sharing reviews from satisfied customers, or repurposing your company videos into clips. Any content that is engaging and relevant to your business can be used in Reels to attract a broader audience base. 

What are Reels?:

Reels are vertical videos that can be up to 90 seconds long and can easily be customized to add audio, text, stickers, and other video effects. You can share Reels to your profile for your current followers and on public pages dedicated to finding new content. Reels allow companies to tap into the vast market of video content consumers and engage with them directly. In addition to the increase in organic reach, Instagram and Facebook updated their algorithms to favor Reels over standard, written posts. Both platforms are more likely to recommend or promote Reels to potential viewers. In other words, you are granted higher visibility for using Reels and its features.

Changes in Social Media:

Since the 2020 pandemic, users have increased their demand for video content. One example of this is the mainstream success of TikTok, which gained a significant user base in 2020 and now maintains around 1 billion monthly users worldwide. TikTok is a social media app dedicated to short-form videos and includes various editing tools. As other social media companies observed the rising popularity of this app, the plans to roll out new video content strategies began. In 2020, Instagram announced its launch of Reels. Soon after, Facebook also included Reels as a feature. This addition is how Instagram and Facebook compete with other video marketing platforms, such as TikTok or YouTube. 

Results of Video Marketing:

There are several reasons to take on this new form of marketing. For example, organizations that market with video receive 66% more qualified leads each year. Video marketing is the most engaging way for your business to communicate to your desired audience. As long as it is not too long, people are much more likely to give their full attention to a video than any written content. An estimated 54% of consumers say they wish they saw more video content from the brands they support. Ultimately, users want to see entertaining content that communicates an idea quickly. So what does this mean for your marketing strategy?

User Experience:

Most business owners know they should promote their company on social media but still struggle to reach a large audience. What many do not realize, however, is what kind of content they should be sharing. If you want to improve the reach of your business on social media, it is helpful to consider the experience of the potential clients you want to reach. The average user spends most of their time on social media consuming content as quickly as possible. Some content may come from friends and family, and some from various business profiles and advertisements. While a targeting plan is still necessary for your social media content, every individual on Facebook and Instagram is significantly more likely to notice your business if you incorporate Reels into your strategy.


Reels can be a simple way to boost your content and reach more of the right people. However, it can take significant time and effort to produce and manage video content for your company. No matter your marketing goals, the TOTAL Advertising team can help you tackle them head-on. Contact us today to start achieving superior results.