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Top 5 Logo Design Rules

October 22, 2021

The design industry is changing at a rapid pace, which means logos will date fast. If your company has not updated its logo in a few years or since it was established, it is time to consider an update. Check out our last blog for a full guide on how to determine if it is time for a logo redesign.

If you are getting ready to redesign or refresh your logo, you should now the most important rules to follow to ensure your logo appeals to your target audience and doesn’t date fast.

Design Rules To Follow When Updating Your Logo

Here are our top rules to follow as you redesign your logo.

Keep It Simple and Look At Long Term
Your company already has an established look and reputation. You should show confidence in who your company is and what it offers. Do not add too many elements because this can make it difficult to decipher, especially on digital platforms where the majority of your company’s assets will be viewed.

Make An Impact
Your logo should be memorable. Do not settle for something that won’t stand out. Your logo is not worth much if people cannot remember it.

Color Palette
Colors can create psychological connection and provoke emotions in your customers. Look at your company’s current colors. Evaluate whether they project the image you desire. Also consider combinations of two colors that compliment each other. Do competitor research to help evaluate whether they’re working with the brand image your looking to project

The typefaces in your logo should make it easy for customers to read your company’s message. If the typeface makes text difficult to read, it can deflect possible consumers and contradict the goal for the rebranding.

Pick The Right Format
There are four primary formats utilized by designers when creating a logo.

Wordmark/wordform logos are a specific design utilized with the written name of a brand or product. Examples of these type of logos are eBay, Google, and Jeep.

Letterform logos are comprised of a couple of letters. The letters do not form a word, but are representative of the company. Popular logos that utilize this style include ABC, NASA, and IBM.

Pictorial logos are illustrated with symbols that have recognizable items. They are icons that can be recognized as part of a brand on its own. Companies that utilize this type of logo include Apple, Twitter, and Target.

Abstract logos are a form of pictorial logos that tend to not be recognizable. They are designed to provide a symbolic meaning relating to your brand. Examples of this format include BP, Pepsi, and Adidas.

Things To Avoid For Design
While designing your new logo, there are certain things you can do to ensure it doesn’t have to happen for a while.

The top thing to avoid is making your logo too trendy. Logos date fast due to the rapidly changing design world. If you are too trendy, you will most likely have to change it in the next few years.

Do not make it too different from the original logo. Even though you are aiming for a new logo, it should still connect to the past logo in some way. The less drastic of a change the easier it will be to avoid confusion among your existing customers.

Do not try to add an element just for the sake of adding it. The more you add to your logo, the messier it will look. Logos should be simple, don’t make it more complicated.

Once your new logo is done, do not compare it to the old version. The new logo should reflect your company’s current message. If you try to critique and edit the new logo based on the old design, you will most likely revert the efforts you just made.

If you need help starting the redesign process, contact the experts at TOTAL Advertising. Our branding specialists can help you define your company’s personality and promise in a logo. Contact us today to get started on your next logo.