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Does Your Logo Still Work For Your Company?

September 24, 2021

A logo is a simple symbol or design adopted by a company to identify its products and/or services while leaving a lasting impression. As industries evolve, the initial values and mission of your company when choosing the initial logo have changed. To keep everything consistent, it is important to consider either a logo redesign or refresh.

A redesign is a dramatic change in your company’s logo, and rebooting it. If you decide to pursue a logo redesign, your company is looking to portray a new message and change the creative branding assets including colors and font.

A refresh consists of small changes to your company’s logo. The majority of changes are small tweaks that are necessary for a modern look/design or to stay consistent with your evolved message.

Is It Time To Update Your Logo?

A logo redesign can be a big task. It is something your company must be committed to inorder to produce the best results. If you are uncertain if a redesign is the right choice for you, there are a few things to consider.

Has your business expanded/changed?- This includes a new product line, more employees, or purchasing new offices. If your company is considering an expansion, it may be time to consider updating your logo.

Are you speaking to a new audience? – Refreshing your brand is an important aspect to expanding into a new market. When the logo is updated, it will become more modern and allow you to connect with a newer/younger audience while maintaining your established loyal customer-base.

Have your brand’s values/mission changed? – A logo should always reflect the values and mission of your company. Over time, your company’s values and mission are bound to change to reflect the evolution of your company’s personality during its operation. To reflect these changes, your logo should be updated. If it is not changed, audiences will see a discrepancy/mismatch between what your company offers and the image being projected.

Is your logo dated? – Design elements change over time. It is important to ensure your logo reflects these changes to continue to be in the same category/scope as your competition.

Things To Consider When You Start To Rebrand/Redesign

Once you have decided it is time to change your logo, it is important to evaluate what elements of your current one need to be changed. Some elements to consider in this evaluation include colors, style, letter capitalization, and the strength of correlation to your brand. It is also good to compare it to your competition. This will help you see what they are doing and what is needed to make your company stand out from the crowd. Also consider what elements of your current logo and your competitors’ logo are connecting with customers and how it resonates with the audience. What parts best inform them about your company?

This evaluation can be done via various research methods. The best methods to use include surveys and focus groups.

Following your evaluation, you may be more excited to make these logo changes. However, don’t rush into it. You want to make subtle changes while slowly updating it. This allows you to stay up-to-date with design trends.

Remember, your logo’s design for your audience’s eyes. It is important to remain consistent with your company’s values and mission.

After You Update Your Logo

Once you have finalized your company’s new logo it is time to release it. The best way to start is setting an announcement date where you will do a formal announcement highlighting the new design. Upon the formal announcement you should update any areas it currently is. These locations include your company’s website, social media platforms, email signatures, business stationary, and employee materials.

If you need help starting the redesign process, contact the experts at TOTAL Advertising. Our branding specialists can help you define your company’s personality and promise in a logo. Contact us today to get started on your next logo.