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Is Video Marketing on Social Media Worth It?

July 26, 2021

Values Of Video Marketing
Videos are a wonderful way to grab the attention of your audience and make it easy to be concise and capture a viewer’s interest in seconds.
Videos have also been proven to drive conversions. They allow marketers to create campaigns that spark conversation and connect various individuals.

But where should you broadcast your company’s video?

Social media is one of the best choices. Video posts perform the best on social media than any other option. This is because it holds viewers’ attention longer. What is the best platform to post your new video on?

We have outlined our top choices.

About 87% of video marketers use YouTube as a media channel to broadcast to the site’s 2 billion users. Currently, over 1 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube each day with the number continuing to rise as more content is added.

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and the best place to reach an audience of various ages. YouTube is currently the most popular site overall, next to Google. Any video your company posts is easy to search on Google and other search engines; which builds the organic search numbers. You can also create a targeted paid ad/search campaign to broadcast the video to a specific audience.

Around 80% of businesses prefer using Facebook videos to market their product and/or service.

Facebook provides brands an opportunity to target their video advertisements to any individuals they believe are potential customers. This site is also the most used platform for digital marketers. This is due to its massive user database and over 75 million Facebook users visiting the site’s video platform every day.

To achieve the best number of views, consider making a video that is fun, emotive, and shareable that works well with and without sound.

About 75% of users on Instagram follow the directed action in the video they watch from a brand on the platform, and 72% of these individuals will make a purchase. Instagram is one of the best platforms to use when looking to reach a new audience.

If your business chooses to advertise on Instagram, videos are the best choice for content because 65% of impressions from these posts come from videos. We recommend posting thoughtful and inspiring videos on this medium to get optimal responses/views.

As Instagram starts introducing new video formats to post in, this social media platform is great for your video advertisements and test out new ways to engage with your customers.

Posts with video content get 10x more engagement than posts without videos.
Many marketers utilize Twitter in their video strategies due to its success. About 84% of marketers using the platform will experience success from their efforts.

Twitter is a platform with entertaining content that moves quickly. To make your posts memorable, use a video. Another way to utilize video content on this platform is by turning it into memes and GIFs relating to your audience’s interests.

Video campaigns on LinkedIn tend to experience view rates of about 80% and are 20x more likely to be shared compared to other posts formats.

LinkedIn is the best platform for professional networking and content for business-to-business promotions. About 51% of marketers use LinkedIn for video marketing, and 84% of them experience success. To boost your video views, utilize the paid and targeted campaign options available on the platform.

As video keeps growing in popularity, and consumers are responding well to it. When video and social media are paired together, it will be easier for your company to build stronger connections and drive organic traffic.

To help you choose the best place to post your marketing video, reach out to our team of professional media strategists at TOTAL Advertising.

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