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Video Marketing and What it Means for Your Business

Video Marketing and What it Means for Your Business

September 4, 2020

Video is an effective marketing strategy. It builds stronger relationships with customers, generates leads, and strengthens your brand’s content while adding variety. Plus, it’s easy to share on many platforms from YouTube to Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, and even email.

If you’re still not convinced that video is the key to a dynamic marketing strategy, keep reading for statistic insights and different ways to employ video.

Videos and Statistics
This year, Wyzowl and techjury released statistics on video consumption trends and how it has impacted businesses. Check out some of them below:

On average, people spend 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos online.
500 million people watch videos on Facebook each day.
54% of consumers wish to see more video content from brands.
87% of businesses implemented a video content strategy in 2019.
95% of video marketers say video has increased their customers’ understanding of their brand.
87% of video marketers attribute video to an increase in website traffic.
96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a service or product.
8 out of 10 people have purchased a service or product after watching a brand’s video.

The Versatility of Video

If those statistics haven’t convinced you alone, maybe the versatility of video will.

Your website is the first platform you should share your video. New and potential customers will get a unique look into your business and what sets you apart. Plus, it keeps them on your website longer. Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%, according to WordStream.

Social media is the most common avenue for people and businesses to share their videos. It’s a place where people gather online to engage with peers and brands. They’re easy to share and can reach a wider audience well after publication!

Blogs are a great place to feature videos. Adding them makes your post more dynamic and engaging. Having a video complement a particular topic reinforces the point you’re discussing. Plus, blog posts that contain videos generate more inbound links and increased viewership than those without.

Emails/newsletters are a great way to capitalize on your current audience. Sharing a video in this format increases your audience’s chance of further engaging with your business and its products or services.

Types of Video

Not only can you integrate videos in a number of ways, but you can also provide a range of video topics. Here’s a list of some of the videos your business can market:

Corporate Overview Video: This video showcases your business and raises awareness about your brand. It helps build trust and loyalty by sharing your company’s mission, vision, and overall culture.

Interview: These videos are a win-win for brands. The interviewee gets exposure, and you get a video with unique insights from an expert in your business field.

Product/Service Explainer Video: Show customers exactly how your products or services work. Walk them through each step. These videos often encourage them to try it out for themselves!

Recruitment Video: This is a great way to introduce your brand and the workplace culture and environment to prospective employees. Share them anywhere you have job listings posted such as LinkedIn, Indeed, your website, and social media!

Testimonial/Case Study: This is an authentic way to share how your service or good has improved or impacted someone’s life with their own words.

Traditional Video: These videos include everything from TV commercials, infomercials, in-person presentations, display, trade shows, and over-the-top TV (like Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu).

Webinar: Webinars are great for educating and answering commonly asked questions. Use these videos to showcase that you’re an expert and authority in your field.


Video growing in popularity not only with consumers but with businesses as well. The potential for your business to reach new customers, build stronger connections, and drive organic traffic is maximized with video.

To get a feel for one of these videos in action, check out our brand-new services explainer video.

We also invite you to explore the videos we’ve produced for our clients, and let our work speak for itself!