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Keeping Up with Conversion Rates

March 18, 2019

Do you know your site’s conversion rate? If you have a Free Estimate, Trial Offer, Contact Form, or any other call-to-action on your site, you should know your conversion rate. When understood properly, this figure is capable of giving insight into your customers’ engagement level and the number of people who act on or perform your site’s desired action. From the moment your site loads on a screen, its agenda should be evident to the user.

But wait—what is a conversion rate?

Your site’s conversion rate is a percentage based on a ratio. There are two factors: people who actually “convert” (take action) and the number of visitors. If you’re thinking, “I know how many people act on my offer. I don’t need to know who doesn’t,” you’re wrong. It’s important to track not only your conversions but also the number of people who visit your site.

It’s like fishing. If you’re casting a net into waters teeming with thousands of fish and you only draw in five, your net may have some holes in it. That’s what your conversion rate tells you. Where are the holes in your net and how can you patch them?

Conversion Rate Basics

Calculating this number is simple: Conversions/Visitors*100. This will give your website’s percentage of conversions and let you know where your site falls on the spectrum.

The average website conversion rate sits at an underwhelming 2.35%. So, if your site reaches 50 people a day, only 1 person is acting on your offer. Though you may be pleased with this number, chances are, it can be better.

Tracking these numbers is crucial. If you’re clueless on your conversion rates, then you’re missing out on knowledge that could exponentially boost your sales, creating a sustainable business model. Your conversion rates will give you access to not only how many are engaging, but also who. This is far more important than attracting large numbers. Figuring out your key demographic affords a more effective marketing strategy, maximizing profits and streamlining your business practice.

The “How & Why”

There are many ways to increase conversion rates. The easiest, but least effective, is improving your site’s aesthetics. Spacing, color, and any other visual adjustments may boost your conversion rate by 5%. This is often the route most people take, but how long does that last? The answer—not very. While layout and aesthetics are important, this simple strategy is short-lived. Your site’s conversion rates will shortly plateau, and you’ll be back to square one. Building a high conversion rate should come before increasing overall traffic—quality over quantity.

The best sites have conversion rates of 11.45% or higher—rates many Total clients achieve every day. So, what does it take to get on this level? Well, some creativity is involved. Original content, new offer ideas, using a Conversion Rate Operating (CRO) Tool, changing the flow of your site, employing testimonials, videos, and speeding up your site’s load time are just some ways to boost your conversion rate. These strategies all correlate, optimizing your on-page experience and keeping customers coming back.

Wrapping Things Up

Feeling overwhelmed? There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful website, and you have to combine multiple strategies to create lasting success. Partnering with a Digital Marketing firm, like TOTAL, is the best way to get your business results.

TOTAL Advertising offers a comprehensive list of services, strategizing your Digital Marketing and creating a plan that will exponentially increase business. We do far more than boost conversion rates—though, we can do that for you. By combining creative content, efficient web development, SEO/SEM strategy, and every other aspect of Digital Marketing, TOTAL will boost your business, increase profits, and give your company brand recognition.

Don’t let your site be average. Contact us today, and put the TOTAL Team to work for you!